Blogging is something I’m still very much getting my head around. I love crochet, knitting (occasionally – prefer crochet), cross stitch, origami, and general crafting. If I can have a go at making it (preferably on the cheap/with supplies I already have), then I will – it adds a personal touch if it’s a present, and I get a real sense of achievement once I finish a project. I started my nurse training in April 2013, so crafting is fab way for me to relax. Provided I don’t start anything too big it’s a perfect break from my studies

I’m not a very active blogger, although I tend to upload lots of stuff at once, then not post for a few months, so do bear with if you fancy following me. I do go on my reader a lot though, and I’m getting to grips with how the world of blogging works (I think :s). Hope you enjoy what I post!

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