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Crochet Shawl and other bits


Ola! Still procrastinating, but at least this time my books and journal articles surround me!! 


I was sort of putting off starting until I got the marks from my first assignment (which I passed!!), but now I don’t really have any excuses!

My CAL is now 3 weeks behind and looks to be staying there for a bit (although I have got most of next week off, which should be spent doing my assignment……), but another visit from the father-in-law and gf is on the cards, and I always crochet like crazy when they’re here.

I have been manically trying to finish my shawl as it’s only another couple of weeks until the wedding I mentioned last week, but my tension isn’t as tight as it normally is, so another ball of yarn may be required before too long. 

Here’s the shawl so far:


I’ve started on the other half (same as what you see above), and I’m hoping I can have it finished by the end of next week.

I’ve also been working on the wedding present – they’re asking for help setting up and tidying up rather than presents, but I’d still like to give them something small. They’re not planning on children any time soon, but when they do, I’ve made a small blanket:


I made the squares ages ago because I love the book they came from (200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans), but I didn’t really do anything with them! So hey presto, some of them are now a baby blanket 🙂

As for my other WIPs (mostly Xmas pressies!) I have made no progress, and at this rate they will be presents for next Xmas! 

I suppose I should get back to my assignment…. TTFN