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I’m still here and I’m still crocheting!!


Hello wonderful people! So sorry for complete lack of postage in the past few weeks – I had 3 fabulous weeks of annual leave, in which I posted lots but didn’t do much uni work, then I started on placement, in which I have done a little more work, but not much crafting (and it’s Christmas in less that 100 days!!), so I haven’t had much to post (let alone time to post it in) but here I have a shot of my latest WIP – a hat for my mum. She got herself a new coat for winter and said ‘I need a hat, I know Vic can make me one!’ Bless her she seems to think that because I’m crafty I can do it all (I got my great aunt’s sewing machine a few months back, and my mum automatically assumed I’d be able to make her some curtains!!), although luckily for her, I can at least make her a hat.

2013-09-24 18.18.21

Apologies for the picture quality – it is a bit on the dark side!! I found this fantastic site when I googled beanie hats with peak (mum’s specifications). It’s a fab site, all the patterns I’ve browsed (including this one) are free, and the yarn is really reasonably priced – they don’t supply direct from their website, but they do link you to the people that do. I got 3 balls of the yarn specified in the pattern (Drops Eskimo) for £8 including postage, which I didn’t think was too bad. It’s another first for me, as I’m used to crocheting with acrylic, and this is 100% wool, but it’s lovely stuff. Considering I think that the company is based in Norway, they do a brilliant job of translating the pattern in to UK terms, although I do advise a quick read-through before you start (yes, yes, I know you should anyway, but I’m a bit naughty and often skip that bit….). I’m really looking forward to doing another project with one of their patterns again. Once the assignment is finished…….