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Origami Bauble


So, 2 posts in one evening: I am definitely procrastinating (essay due next month). Forgot about this until I was sorting out my dropbox. I found it on Tutorial Tuesday and decided it was a good first project for my new glue gun. I’d wanted one for ages, finally got one, then had nothing to try it with (trying VERY hard not to start new projects, unless they’re short term, as I have too much to do that is sadly more important!). I think I googled glue gun projects or something and this popped up in images. As you can see, mine’s not actually a bauble – I made mine with origami paper I had (really need to stash bust that lot!), then stuck it to a bit of dowel I had left over from the mask  I made (covered it with origami paper first – up close that bit doesn’t look very neat, but I was having far too much fun with the glue gun to stop!). Rather than a Christmas ornament, I gave it to my aunty to add to her new home, but I think I might make a few more when I get annual leave in August, ready in time for Christmas!!

2013-05-24 10.56.54

My first CAL


I’m not a very active blogger in terms of posting (it’s been a few months….), but I do like to read blogs, and I found this little gem via hannahackroyd. I’ve never heard of a CAL before, so I was intrigued….. it’s fab for me now as I’ve just started my nurse training and I need something to relax with that won’t have me distracted for too long. This is perfect – I started a bit late, but I caught up today, and I cannot wait for next Saturday’s installment. Thank you so much Hannah (Davis) for this lovely project!