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What a month!!! That essay that was causing me to procrastinate is all finished and handed in, I passed my drugs calcs test, and I’m half way through my second nursing module already! Thought I’d take some time out to post a couple of things – I only have time for the first bit right now, but I’m hoping to post some more of what Vicki did over the weekend.

In an attempt to get a bit more exercise in our lives, and try and make the most of the weather before it suddenly turns cold, me and the boyf went geocaching. The link I’ve posted isn’t the site we used, but I’m not sure what the name of the app that Sam was using – I’ll try to remember to post it when I ask him. New concept to me, but I had heard of it, and it was quite fun, when we could get the gps to work. It was probably a tad on the hot side when we left the house which was probably unwise, but we did feel all the better for it, and it having a goal/something to find made the walk more fun – usually I get half way to Yarmouth (we live within a half hour walking distance, and this was our target), then get bored and wish I’d taken the car!

The pics show a bridge in Badger Copse (cool name, I know :)) – one in Jan when we actually had real proper snow on the island (never trust the weather forecasts for the island – we were supposed to have thunderstorms most of this week, and so far we’ve only had a tiny bit of rain overnight). The other one I took on our geocaching adventure – what a difference 7 months make!

Anyhoo that’s enough from me for the mo…. I’ll catch you up on some of my WIPs on the weekend 🙂

2013-01-20 11.55.51 2013-07-21 10.55.53