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Organza Flowers


Organza Flowers

This was really easy to make. I followed a tutorial from the Making Magazine, but just google ‘organza flowers’ and there’s tons of tutorials.

Firstly, select your organza, or similar materials. Then cut circles of varying sizes out of the organza (I used 4.5cm 5.5cm, 6.5 cm, 7.5cm, and 8.5 cm). This next bit involves a bit of fire, so make sure you’ve got a bowl of water handy just in case: light a tea light and, one circle at a time, gently singe the edges of each circle. You don’t need to hold the fabric on the flame, just close enough for the heat to warp it until you’re satisfied. Once you’ve got each circle how you want, arrange them in size order and sew together – I used a pearlescent bead and some white thread.

I attached broach pins to the back of mine and gave them to (female) friends and family for Christmas.