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Crochet Bunny


2012-10-20 16.52.00 (MatildaMkII's conflicted copy 2013-02-07)I haven’t always been as creative as I am – I think it started with making my own cards about 5 years ago. Then, whilst I was in my third year of uni, the mum of one of my housemates came to visit, and brought with her some knitting needles. With the purchase of some yarn, some of us gathered to be taught the ways of the needles. From there my learning was a bit sporadic to say the least, but I had the basics, and about 6 months later I started to teach myself crochet form youtube videos (bethintx1 was where I got most of my tuition, albeit in American crochet lingo!). I’m not great at coming up with my own crochet or knitting patterns, but I don’t think I’m too bad at re configuring them (often as I go, so I have no idea what I’ve done once a piece is finished, so replicating it is usually difficult. One day I’ll learn to jot down what I do!). This bunny rabbit, for example, came from The Crochet Bible by Sue Whiting. I didn’t use any of the yarns suggested by the author, I just used acrylic (finding pure wool to knit or crochet with on the IOW is hard – I know there is some about, but I don’t often venture far from my little home – so I tend to get my supplies form Hellerslea. I do like to support local business as well), and whilst the bunnies (there are more than just this one, but typical me, I gave them away before photographing them) don’t match the size specified, they are in proportion, so I was happy when I sent them on their ways to their new homes. This is one of my favourites, though, and I made him for my bf, who specifically asked for one……