What Vicki Did (finally!)


Ok, so I did say last week that I was hoping to post more of what Vicki did over the weekend. Well, last weekend came and went at alarming speed! Finally managed now to sit down and post a couple of bits. The father-in-law (almost, still waiting for that ring!) and his gf descended on Monday (I will not go into detail – we rub along well enough I suppose), so this week has been a bit frantic. I had uni Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and I spent much of Thursday and Friday trying to get my head around my lecture notes. But my crafting has not suffered too much – because of the fact that the lovely Hannah Davis is drip-feeding the pattern to the fabulous blanket, I am able to keep up and not feel too guilty that I’m taking time out from my studies. This means I am still crocheting. However, I do have a few other Christmas WIPs to finish/start – I’m sort of taking this weekend off from uni work so some of it will get done. But as I am naught but a poor student, I do have to do some paid work to keep me ticking along (and away from the ‘in-laws’ so to speak!). I can’t post all of my progress so far for my sister’s pressie as occasionally I know she pops by to read my little blog, but I can post what I’m making for my mum (who is a complete technophobe and thinks a blog is some sort of weird Borg cross-breed!) when I start it (it’s the frog prince from Storyland Cross Stitch). I’m also hoping to make some of the buttons featured in the book. It really is fantastic, and it comes with enough even weave and thread to make a small project, which is fab! I’ve never used even weave before, but it looks like it will give a much more professional finish so I think it might be the way forward for me and cross stitch in the future. 

So, here’s my CAL so far (haven’t quite caught up, I’ve got a bit of week 9 to finish the onto week 10):


and here’s the sneak preview of my sister’s pressie (sorry about the quality!):


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